9 Apr 2011

School is getting boring

It's been about 2 months now where my little academic has been attending a class once a week that is structured to resemble a real school day. Ok, it is only for 2 hours, (the longest 2 hours of the week for me). Her first day is Here

The children now know where to place their bags on the hangers and where to put their lunch boxes in the appropriate pigeon hole that has their name on it. There is still confusion with this as they can't read yet and confusion for me as they changed our spot! Without looking I put Amelie's lunch under the name Dylan. I should learn how to read too.

Logo of Look and Read

Thank goodness they have dispensed with the name tags (haha, Anonymity, love it!)

Other than the formalities at the beginning of the class, it is pretty much the same for the 2 longest hours of my week. Did I mention that?

There is activity time to start, cool. Puzzles, playdough, blocky shape things and other toys to occupy the little ones for half an hour. In 20 minutes all the puzzles have been done, the playdough is paddy cakes, the blocky shaped things resemble a rooster and the other toys have been played with as well.

Shapes of colours!

"Papa, is there anything else to do?"
"Umm.. no. Let's do the playdough again."
"I don't want to, I want something different."
"There is nothing else."

"Papa, I'm bored."
"Ok so let's pretend to play with this until story and dance time starts." I implore.
"No! I want that!"
"It's locked away, they are not opening it just for you."
"Well I'll go get it."
"NO!", I say quietly. "Let's read a book."

Off we go and sit on the mat with Dr. Suess...
"OK Children, story time! Come and find your place on the mat."

What the? It took me 10 minutes to get my bored one to settle and now you disturb us?

The children begin to muster on the mat, some fighting for the same coloured square to sit on. My young one decides to sit next to the only kid who seems to have been smoking for the last 20 years with a cough that sounds like a frightened goose. Cool!

Coughing flower!

The teacher starts with a song. Most of the other little people are singing along and dancing. I say most as there are the 'others'. 'The children of the corn'. Those that shall not be named and then there is mine. She is sitting, not singing, not dancing, with her hands over her face right in front of the teacher. Where does she get that from? I leave.

I left not only because of the embarrassment but also because I had one too many coffees that morning. On my return, I am being searched out as it is time to dance with your parent. I put my hands over my face and sit.

The rest of the 2 longest hours had a twist, as they had organised an egg hunt and real food for all of us to share. Instead of the young empty tummies eating fruit or just sandwiches, there was a feast with all the junk food that I get so excited about, brilliant! Some of which I had to prepare at home. I'll give you the recipe next time.

Fairy Bread

After lunch, all ended well with playtime outside, where Amelie finally holds her own ground, by not being pushed around by those that shall not be named, at times being one of the 'others' which I quickly put a stop to.

Even though all ended well I can see my 3 year old is not that enthusiastic within a class of 3 year olds. She has known all the songs and dances for a long time. She can use scissors to cut in a straight line with left and right hands. She puts all the puzzles together in no time. She can make a design from different shapes to resemble something real.

I can see she is bored.

What do we do?  I know she needs to interact with other children. It's just that I think the children should be 5 or 6 years of age.

And to be honest, for me, school is getting boring.

I shall ponder on this now.