2 Jan 2011

Something in the water

Bath Time.

My little Mermaid loves the water, be it at the beach, a pool or at home in the bath. Is it because she is Aquarius?

Bath time can be a long time as well as a fun time. Toys are obviously there to keep her amused but most often it is the soap and shampoos that are being played with. Water is being splashed, bubbles are expanding to a point where visibility is low. My pants are getting soaked, (should remember to take them off) and my back is starting to ache from all the crouching.

Bath time can be a dangerous time as in one occasion when my girl was younger. She was happily sitting and then in a blink of an eye was under water, mouth open, eyes open, staring straight at me. The longest 2 seconds of my life with her. Touch wood, since then bath time as I have mentioned has just been fun!

One thing I must ask though, what is in the water?

Every time and I mean every time my water baby has finished or more to the point I have commanded it to be so, I remove said child from bath and place her on a mat and then try to towel dry her, I say try because it is an effort. What is in the water?

It doesn't take her long or with much effort to escape my grasp and quick as a flash Amelie is gone! As fast as her little legs can take her she is off and running, screaming and laughing, naked as the day she was born through the house. Many times she comes to rest in her small play tent covering herself in plush toys. The other times she just doesn't stop running with me the holder of towel and all attire in full pursuit. What's in the water to cause this behaviour? Or is it just the pure joy of being totally natural and free?

Bath time is fun but whatever is in the water it is also very tiring, for me that is.

Happy 2011 to all.



cath said...

Hang in there these times will pass before you can blink an eye...then one day it will be the grandchild you are racing to bathe. :D

SJ said...

I think they just love being free, personally so do I but it's not accceptable for me to run naked around the house :)

KD said...

I love it! Both my little ones are crazy for the bath, too. As soon as I'm running the tub, both of them race in there and are tearing off their clothes as fast as they can. It has to be my favourite time of the day! And yes, Liam loves to run around naked and screaming, too. Chloe not yet, but I'm pretty sure that's only because she can't walk yet...her day will come soon!

Lovely post!

SherilinR said...

i think it's the love of nudity & wetness. hmm... that sounded dirtier than i'd intended.

Kipp said...

...if you find out what causes it - infomercial gold mine. :)

tbaoo said...

hi there alejandro ... just testing the blogger comments posting dilemma, i've normally so much to say, it's a shame that i can't .. cheers alan
ps i was looking for a tremendous baby laughing in a bath teasing two dogs vid, but alas it's disappeared.

Anonymous said...

It probably reminds her of the comfort and security of her mama's womb, floating around in amniotic fluid. :)

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