About RA

Raising Amelie -  A daughter keeping her father young as she grows older.
Raising Amelie... It's all good
This little site was always intended to be a catalogue, keepsake, diary, photo album and history of a man who at a rather oldish age had a child. That offspring being his first and only is Amelie, hence the title being Raising Amelie as opposed to Raising Gertrude or Matilda. 
Amelie... a beautiful, talented, intelligent girl was gifted to me and with this treasure I am trying to capture in a few words and images what we have both experienced, encountered, learned, laughed, cried and endured together. Though I have always tried to be a person she will look up to I can honestly say that I haven't always (mostly not) succeeded in that regard. Nevertheless, it is my hope that Amelie comes to this site later when she has grown and realises as well as enjoys her younger years she had with a fumbling fool who is her father. 
It is my wish that when Amelie eventually visits and goes through the site she sees and fully comprehends what was behind the jokes and garble of words that were splashed on here and finds the true meaning. All I ever wanted is/was for her to see that there is no amount of love in this world more than what I have for my daughter... my little Amelie.