3 Jan 2011

Who changed the routine?

TV station on Chopok, Slovakia

It's bed time, a hard time most of the time, what am I saying? I mean every time, it is a battle of wits to see who exhausts themselves out first. Tonight was no exception but with a twist. The usual way is this.

And the procedure is,

1. Books have to be read. (The thing is, if not specified the number of tomes to be read, ends up to be a library volume on your lap).

2. There is one TV show she watches before bed. (The Night Garden). Which to my relief she had gone off but "WHAT?", now is revisiting.

3. Music has to be on in the bedroom. (Is it for making a child more intelligent? Or is it to drown out her protests?)

4. There has to be a bottle of milk (it's either, that Amélie still wants it or.. is it more a case of needing it? Has it become habitual? Or another form of drowning out the protests?).

5. Then there is the 'to and fro-ing' from my comfortable lounge where I go towards the screams emanating from My Banshees bedroom where, when I arrive have to answer every conceivable question known to man.

6. Lastly. The last time I visit her chamber, it is to lay down the Law! (Go To Sleep Now!!)

But Tonight.

1. Books have been read. (Yes, a maximum of 6 were all that could be deposited on the lap).

2. The TV program she likes which can I reiterate, I cannot stand! Wasn't on, Hah? NO problem, let's go to…

3. Music is on and playing Bach or was it Queen? (Who changed the station?)

4. She definitely is given the milk. ( As I'm sure I said is needed to have her mouth occupied with something other than calling out?).

At 5. Something went horribly wrong! Tonight there wasn't the 'to and fro-ing', as something or someone had put the order of things out of sync….!  Someone had left the TV on and there coming from the box was the theme song of her program she enjoys before going to bed. Only now, it has been put back an hour! An hour later? A whole HOUR LATER? What the? And now these anonymous Television programmers by adjusting the time of this show have put me and the routine out of sorts!

Pocket watch, appr. 1900

There is now, no number 6.  But back to..

2.  There is one TV show she watches before bed. (The Night Garden). Which to my relief she had gone off but "WHAT?", now is revisiting.

A side-note before I continue.. Firstly here in Perth, there is no Daylight Savings. Secondly, it may be school holidays yet, this program is for children under four years old who are not attending. By these two reasons alone, why would the programming be changed?

Even so... though she is dead tired my committed fan still wants to watch it.

So… We say not a problem and off she heads to the bedroom. What for?

Of course (silly me). There she is coming back with mostly everything from her bed… bar the mattress that was obviously a little too heavy for her. Nevertheless, everything else that has been appropriated is placed on the couch and there Amélie is, with her pillow, a blanket, 5 stuffed toys and her bottle of milk.

That's when I ask.

"Amélie? What the? Why have you brought everything here?"
"Papa, because it's sleep time and I'm nice and comfortable!"

Don't worry, the routine wasn't totally lost as we did get back to number 6 eventually, only an hour later. (Where I got to lay down the Law! Go To Sleep Will You!!!!).

So...Where's my milk?



Ed Lawrence said...

Aahh the stories I hear of raising a child...almost makes me wish I had some of my own! Nice writing, Keep up the good work!

Jessica M said...

Ahh the joys of parenting! And the delicate routine of having them go to bed! I can relate to the pile of books on the lap! We do that as well and I'm always refreshed when I'm able to convince them of just two! Christmas time was particularly difficult because they wanted to catch up on all the stories they don't usually read other times of the year so heaped on the bed almost all Advent were about 8 stories waiting to be read every night!

I have resorted to laying down with our kids while they go to sleep, which I've realized isn't the best idea-now it kills my night! I end up most of the time falling asleep with them!

Oh parenting..well..nobody ever said it would be easy! :) You seem to have an abundance of patience for your daughter..that is awesome..I could borrow some of that! :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha this was funny. Excuses, excuses, excuses... my favorite one is getting up because they need a hug or a kiss. oh the stories they tell :-) love it!

SJ said...

Routine is excellent and it's needed but deadlines are deadlines and I'm a terrible mother (according to my son) because come the time of 9.30pm that's it - lights off and sleep no ifs, buts or maybe's.

It's non negotiable. Always has been always will be - doesn't mean he'll stick to it though LOL.

Fernando-Alejandro said...

Hey! Good one mate lucky you. I've been through it and can say miss it!


Anonymous said...

Loved this. . .remember those nights well. . .seems like soooo long ago! In addition to the numerous books read at night time I recall being asked to tell stories :-) Thanks for the memories! Now that I know where you are from, would love a blog to learn more about it ;-)

Bongo said...

LOLOLOOL this made me laugh so ...Thank you...I can still remember when my kids were so how time goes so fast...I can tell you one thing my friend...You have a child...and a girl on top of that... then you can just throw out routine for at least 18 years LOLOL...enjoy this time my friend...As always...XOXOXO

KD said...

Oh, poor Alejandro! The fates are conspiring against you! Bed time can be such a challenge, and I do hope you reward yourself with a glass of "milk"...or perhaps something just a touch stronger ;) Don't worry, you'll get there. Then, of course, as soon as you do, you'll decide to start all over with another baby like I did...

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