2 Dec 2009

An Outing

To the Fair we went on a bright sunny day. Got there early to avoid the crowds. The atmosphere was pleasant, the stalls interesting, the people friendly.

Took my Amelie to see some small animals she could touch and interact with. She was so happy to touch and pat the goats, lambs and rabbits.

My baby girl got to hold a cute little chick. The chick was happily eating away at the grain on her lap. I turned away for a second. A second was all it took!

Because when I did turn back to regard my Angel she had the poor chick by the throat trying to kiss it. Needless to say we made a quick exit to the nearest face painting stand where at least SHE wouldn't be recognised.

Once disguised I took my fugitive to see some other animal, this time, one she couldn't get her hands round.

A Pony!