1 Feb 2010

I'm Ready!

"Yes Papa."
"Time to go to bed, it's dark outside and you have to go to school tomorrow".

Actually it's not really a school more of a playgroup. But my girl took it to be the real deal. She went into her room and grabbed her Elmo backpack that's been lying around unused for a very long time.  Then my eager Scholar proceeded to pack her bag with the essentials.

And... She's off!

Small Teddy... CHECK, a Dora play mobile phone (I guess for an emergency)... CHECK, her water bottle... CHECK and a pair of shoes...CHECK. Once that was completed she headed for the door.

"Where are you going?"
"Going to school."
"No, it's tomorrow, you need to sleep now and when you wake up I'll take you to school."

All good then as she heads for bed. I place her in and she closes her eyes. I've left the bedroom for about 2 minutes when I'm summoned.

I rush in. "What is it."
"I've finished my sleep, I'm ready to go to school.......I'm awake now."

I hope my undergraduate is still this enthusiastic to attend a real school in the not too distant future.



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