13 Dec 2010

I haven't yawned yet

Amelie has never liked sleeping. She has, since August refused even to have her siesta as well. By the time it is her night time bedtime my 'Girl that never sleeps' , no matter how exhausted she is still refuses to go down quietly.

There has always been an excuse as to why it is not time to sleep.

She then keeps her herself awake by continuing to talk to us or just to herself.
These are some...

  • Papa excuse me, I have something important to say. If a bird falls out of its nest I will grab it and hold it tight!

  • I'm sorry Papa but if a bear snatches my milk then you will have to get it back. You'll have to tap it on the hand and he will have to give it back to me.

  • No wait a minute Papa, I heard a tweet tweet, it's a bird outside my window.

  • Umm, I'm sorry but I didn't brush my teeth and the teacher will say, 'Amelie you will have to stay back!'.

  • You didn't tuck me in correctly.

  • I'm not tired!

  • It's still daytime outside.

  • You see my eyes are still open.

  • But Papa I haven't yawned yet, see?

All questions or comments need to be responded to and are, with all the wisdom my many years have provided... "Just go to sleep!  Will Ya!"



YogaSavy said...

I remember those times! My kids used to talk to one another through the walls until they no longer could keep their eyes open!
I would sit on the staircase and listen to their conversations... I would be the first one to sleep!!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! But tough, I remember. My son didn't sleep through the night until he was much, much older! It's amazing when suddenly they stay in their beds, don't call you, and go to sleep on their own. Of course, it's bittersweet which you don't discover until later. . .

SJ said...

I used to say "oh no the sandman is sprinkling me instead of you - that means I have to sleep twice as long because you won't take your share of sleep" and then I'd pretend to dramatically fall asleep. It worked for about a week and then I had to change tactics. Parenting is about tactics, obviously its about a lot of other things too but it's definitely about tactics LOL.

AngelJane said...

I also remember the times my beautiful girl would not sleep and how she always insisted that if she had to lie down then so did I...Her insistent requests for my cuddles were impossible to ignore! However like every other parent across the globe, I was always the first one to fall asleep!!! Now... I look forward to another beautiful girl about to join us and guess what? I will do the exactly the same because, my first beautiful girl is totally sane, well balanced, and completely honest, open,loving and giving so our parenting skills are not in question here. We do what we have to and we do what feels right...

Carry on beautiful Amelie you pay your parents the highest compliment by wanting to remain in their company even when its time to go to sleep!

Sweet Dreams
AngelJane :)

alejandro guzman said...

Thank you ladies one and all for your insights and advice I am truly blessed to have gotten to know you and your blogs so well of late.


P.S. Why no men I wonder? mmmm I guess I haven't mentioned beer, belching and football, I suppose

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