6 Dec 2010

Ribbons and the Grasshopper

I am writing this as I have been invited by Life- inspired by the wee man to participate in a mass blog about a cause I feel deeply passionate about especially now having a daughter, Amelie. So it extremely important to raise awareness about Violence Against Women. 

2 Important dates stand out...
November 25th
is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

On this day ALL men and boys should be encouraged to wear the White Ribbon that shows to others that the man or boy wearing the Ribbon believes that violence towards women is just unacceptable. It stands out and says, ' I do NOT support or condone any form of abuse such as, physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, spiritual and cultural violence towards any woman! '

The real symbolism of the white ribbon is an acknowledgement of men's accountability for violence against women.

Thank goodness the word is spreading that violence against women and girls has no place in any society and for the doers to get off lightly must no longer be tolerated.

White Ribbon Day (25 November) is promoted by UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women) in 25 countries around the world.

Though this date is the International Day it is by no means the
end of the Action.  It actually runs for 16 days to the 10th of December. 

Purple ribbon
December 6th 
is Canada's National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. This campaign is represented with wearing the Purple Ribbon.

This campaign is predominately held in Canada where it commemorates the fourteen women who died in Montreal on December 6, 1989.

Once again it is to teach adults and children. Instilling in them to respect girls and women by coming out in force wearing this Ribbon.

For the men... be part of this movement especially if you consider yourself to be real Man!

And the Grasshopper
As a father of a girl, it is paramount in her education to teach her the importance and encourage my future woman that, in no way has she to tolerate any form of abuse or violence from anyone, Male or Female!

As a father of a girl I can't even fathom the notion of hurting such lovely and so relevant to our very existence, women are. I find it abhorrent.

Here's a line from a movie, 'No woman should be without at least some basic knowledge in self defence.' I wholeheartedly agree no matter how small your knowledge in defending yourself, it can go along way in minimising the outcome

This is why when she is a little older I will be enrolling her into a Martial Arts course whereby she will learn how to protect herself if 'God Forbid' something of this nature occurs. Also in doing so it will instil in her, paradoxically that violence does not solve anything.

It is so important that we parents be involved in such causes as these, as it is by participating, our children learn certain ugly truths about our world and that, we will not put up with it.

I know deep inside after she has been trained properly at defending herself, as well with her strong personality, my little Grasshopper with a Zen quality, will roam the lands and be safe.

By the way the Movie was... Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock.

Ahh Grasshopper!

But for those who are in an abusive relationship, I say get out, get help immediately as the violence will never stop no matter how much you think you love the person treating you this way.

Peace and love. And wear your Ribbons Proudly! >


Deanne said...

Hi Alex,
This is a nice post as it speaks to you as a man and how your baby will grow in strength from you. I love the picture of her with the grass hopper. So cute!
Love and light,

alejandro guzman said...

Thanks Deane live with strength and honour!

AngelJane said...

A great post Alex, I could feel strength, power and passion emanate from you words... feels wonderful knowing there are men like you out there. And as I always try to convey in my communications to you, your daughter is a very lucky little lady to have a father, who will always, try to show her the right ways in life.

I also agree with Deanne a very cute picture...

Big hug from Angel :)

SJ said...

It's a great post and one that everyone should get the chance to read.

A strong sentiment from a man to prove that being a man does not mean showing your strength in any form of violence be it physical or verbal.

Amelie has a wonderful role model - if only all fathers were like you.

alejandro guzman said...

SJ, Thank you for your kind words. I'm no Saint but I truly believe in stomping out violence not matter to whom.

AngelJane, Welcome back you lucky thing, And thanks for your comment. And I will always try to tell her right from wrong, but will she listen?

I'm a lucky man to have so many women around me in the ether. hehe

KD said...

Thanks for taking part, Alejandro, and thanks for being such a positive male role model for your daughter. You words mean a lot to me...this is not a woman's cause, but a human cause!

Lady Estrogen said...

Lovely post.
Sounds like you are a lucky man :)

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