9 Feb 2011

Valentines Day?

I am participating in Pamela's Valentine's Love Letter Fest. Where I get to write a letter of Love.... I think.

Valentines heart 
Dear whomever....

Valentines Day is fast approaching...

That day when you have to show your love to someone you have tried to show your love to all year round, or have I? That day, that if you forget.... there is hell to pay. That day (or the weeks prior) when there are so many hearts floating or hanging in every shopping centre and ads that make you think, "have I given blood?"

I feel my heart beating its last, as I really do feel discombobulated... (Yes, that is a word. I looked it up)

So where do I go from here? Valentines Day is such a capitalistic contrive to get us to buy more Hallmark cards and throw our savings on another gift, (as birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, Moving House, Births, New pool table,  "I won the footy.".. weren't  enough)

So what is Valentines Day to me?

Well for me it is a Day of capitalistic purchasing of Hallmark cards and gifts...


As Valentines Day for the past 4 years has been Maximus' Birthday.  That's 28 in human years so it's about time he got his own place!

Our pride and joy. Our Door stopper. Our pillow. Our farting, snoring, dribbling, God ugly pain in the butt companion. It is the Day he can lie around, eat all he likes and enjoy the comforts of indoor living. Different to no other day really. Yet we do get to put a party hat on him and have cake! So all's good with Valentines Day thanks to my Dog Maximus.

"Oh jeez! What was that? Sounded like Mount Vesuvius erupting!

Better out than in, I suppose. Now get Out Max! Yes And take that Robot with you!!!!

Yours Sincerely,

Happy Valentines/Birthday and remember your table manners.

No I am Not Gollum