22 Dec 2010

Sarah-Jane on Raising Amelie

Guest Post by Sarah-Jane of (click)

A remarkable woman who unlike me has worked a full time job and brought up a wonderful child by the name of Samuel (click). I never expected such a gift and am humbled at Sarah-Janes Talent.

Cheers and here it is....

Through my travels in the blogosphere, I stumbled across something so very dear.
Something that rang bells within my heart and made it so difficult for me to depart.

A little girl with beautiful eyes and short brown hair, the epitome of cuteness in a face so fair.
The tales and adventures from someone so small have captured my heart in no time at all.

A special journey about a child who keeps her Dad young, not just about the games they play and the songs they’ve sung.
I laugh when he says he doesn’t have a clue and if you start reading you’ll see this is not very true.

I see from afar through my own eyes, unconditional love with no fancy ties.
I love the stories as they unfold and the special bond that they clearly hold.

The love, the laughter, the times that they share, there isn’t anything that will ever compare.
I read about compassion and sharing, the highs and the lows and things that only a parent would know.

I read about a little girl with her mind at three, who reminds me a little, of a girl once like me.
Someone who knows her own thoughts and her ways and with the love of her father will not get lost and stray.

The stories are stunning, quirky and cool, and Amelie is definitely nobody’s fool.
Through Raising Amelie and the eyes of this parent, you get the wonders and sights that we often forget.

Time is getting short and I must go but I leave you with one last thing you should know.
Don’t take my word for it, not just from me, delve right in and you will see.

There’s so much more here than meets the eye, I will leave you to read but I must sadly say goodbye.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Sarah-Jane
Everything you have written and have done in your life should be seen by everyone and I wish they do!

Sarah-Jane and Samuel
 Peace to all!



AngelJane said...

Wow, Sarah-Jane, how absolutely beautifully awe inspiring... Wonderful words and notions to read.

Thank you for turning a page filled with wonder and sharing.

Seasons greetings from frosty old England :)
AngelJane :)

Jessica M said...

A beautiful poem and tribute to the journey you and your daughter are experiencing together. Thank you for sharing it!

YogaSavy said...

Wow! How beautifully written. Just by reading this post I can picture the friendship both father and daughter share....

Hostel Tinktinkie, Santa Rosa de Calamuchita said...

What a touching entry...I had to wipe a tear or two!

Merry Christmas!!!

Ron said...

What a great post...beautifulltwritten and certainly a testimonial to you Alejandro :). Keep telling your stories!

KD said...

What a beautiful poem & a beautiful gift, Alejandro and Sarah Jane!
Much love

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