16 Dec 2010

What is Christmas to you?

A christmas tree.
I have read of late, many posts concerning the meaning of Christmas in our Western Society and I have found a lot of posts mentioning presents. I also have read many, that entail family and loved ones.

I agree with them all, yet inside I am feeling a bit disappointed, a little unenthusiastic.


I have been searching for someone to tell me that, what we do this time of year and this day and age has a real meaning, a purpose, a reason to be still here!

Of course there is the Bible and before that the pagan ritual bringing in the winter solstice. December 25.

Still. What is it that has been missing for such a long time. Something I have lost? That when Christmas comes around I say, "Bugger! I need to make a list, check it twice and then get a loan to pay for the gifts. And.... 'shit' I better get something of at least the same value back!"

I have been in the wrong head-space as it's not about me, as it was when, it was just me. It's about a little nearly three year old. It's about her and how she feels about Christmas now that she understands the concept.

And what is the concept of Christmas? Just what everyone has mentioned in their wonderful posts, BUT it's more!

Through the eyes of a young girl who loves more than hates, a young one who imagines reindeer coming in and staying indefinitely, a young one who is more concerned with Santa coming sooner by eating all the Chocolates as quickly as possible from her Advent Calendar, a young one who is wishing on the decorations she sees in shopping centres, a young one who wanted to buy a brassiere for her Dad.. and then there's the joy, the expectation and the pure innocence!

This is what I want it to be again! To feel the expectancy, the hope, the excitement.

I had lost the joy of the real reason behind the 'festive season' and thank Christ I have been told what it's all about! I've been shown and told by someone 39 years younger and I am grateful!

santa & reindeer 

I will be showering presents ( thanks Visa, don't expect to get it back soon), And with my new Manssiere... I'll be a great Santa. Feel it! Love it! Be Christmas!

What is Christmas To You?

And from us A very Merry Christmas to all and Peace. >


Ed Lawrence said...

Awwww...that is such a good post!Keep it up, your insight is contagious...and funny!

SJ said...

It's surprising how many people lose the spirit of Christmas, yet how many children just bring it right back again. I'm glad you found it and I wish you both a wonderful and magical time x

alejandro guzman said...

Thanks Ed long time reader, first time commenter..
That means a lot from someone who does a great deal over the www.

SJ... You! You! Can I call you an Angel?

Anonymous said...

Yes! It's the magic! I'm still waiting for the elf I asked Santa for years ago ;-) Most importantly, it's spending time with loved ones. I appreciate this reality more so after my divorce. I will be happy to see my children the day after Christmas when I will celebrate with them :-)

YogaSavy said...

Seeing the tiny world through your daughter's eyes is purely magical. Have a wonderful time enjoying the journey with her.

alejandro guzman said...

I hope your day with your children is truly magical! thanks Pamanner

alejandro guzman said...

YogaSavy, It is a wonderful feeling to see again what I had lost sight of. Your comments are always uplifting. Thank you

Anonymous said...

AHHH loved this post!! May the true spirit of Christmas fill your heart and hers today and always!!

alejandro guzman said...

@yourskinchick Thank you for the wish... And may yours be a joyful one too.


KD said...

It's amazing what the small ones can teach us, isn't it? It is the single greatest benefit to having children, and one that I, for one, didn't fully anticipate.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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