10 Jan 2011


Mans best friend. A dog who will follow you anywhere when you have food in your hand, A dog that is full of energy, for about 5 minutes in a day between sleeping and eating. A dog that is a part of the family or is that, the family room on his bed? A dog that is not a dog, but a toy, a playmate and a friend to my little animal lover.

Maximus, with a large head, muscular body, a dog when we do take him for a walk scares children by his appearance or was it adults?

Guard dog

Maximus is, like I've mentioned Amelie's plaything (literally). He has been dressed up in hats, sunglasses, jackets and even shoes. They have had tea-parties together, story-time together and yes been asleep together. He doesn't complain, he doesn't move. He is just there! A previous post concerning my poor dog here.

Once upon a time

Do you have enough?

35 degrees C, let's cover him up

Maximus listens every time he is summoned by Amelie. Why? Maximus, don't you know you are about to be humiliated again.

Al Canine

On many occasions it is I who has to intervene and explain certain truths such as,

"Amelie, take your hand out of his mouth he could bite it off!".
"Papa, don't worry I have another one".

"Amelie, just hit the drum. Maximus' head is not a cymbal".

"Amelie, Maximus' head is not a chair".

"Amelie, his jowls aren't for carrying marbles!".

"Amelie, untie him from the close line and put the hose back!".
"Papa, he needs his bath".

"Amelie, it's really hot today, he doesn't need towels and blankets over him".

"Amelie, his legs don't bend that way".
"Papa, he's trying to hug me".
"His leg could break!".
"Papa, don't worry, he has another one".

The temperament and patience of Maximus astounds me. He is truly Amelie's best friend and we love him.

Best friends

Amelie screams, "Maximus! Here! '.

For Dog's Sake Max, Walk away!!!

Oh the Humanity!