20 Jan 2011

The Horror of it all

I have been lucky enough to have had a head of full black hair my whole life. It has been something that I must say in some ways (always) I have been a little too obsessed about.

In the 80's, should I say more? The 80's really says it all! But anyway in the 80's I alone caused my very own hole in the Ozone, just by the amount of product I was liberally pouring, rubbing and of course Spraying on my locks.

At 16, 17 years of age I was a Rocker who needed the 2 feet of quiff pointing out to the front and up to be reputable and thereby proportioned just right and held together to feel part of this leather clad group (these days that has different connotations I know) yet it was vital to put copious amounts of Gel and Spray for it to hold it's shape!

Too Young To Die
Image by lili.chin

I did bring it down a notch when at 18, 19 years I mellowed a little and became a Mod. Whereby once again to be truly within the guidelines of Modish style the hairdo had to be just right so, to have short, combed forward and flat Mod hair I only then needing the Gel to keep it down. See! I did care for the environment. Maybe a little late but the hole has gotten smaller since then... hasn't it?

Image by Zellaby

Why am telling you of my love for my shock of hair? It is because in the last 2 years some things have appeared within the full blackness of my mane.

You guessed it!  GREY!!!!!!!!

I actually thought it to be a myth that once you have children you get that off white through your bristling pureness of youthfulness and vanity.

I understand why now, we do. As I have had fear and horror put through my nerves quite a few times. From Amelie sinking beneath the water in our bath. From Amelie climbing her cot bed to then free fall head first onto the floor knocking herself unconscious, having to take her to the hospital vomiting the whole way at 150km an hour! Then today having Amelie open the back door of the car whilst doing 60km an hour! I don't know who screamed louder... her or me? I know I had the child lock on! I just know it! Or did I?

I now understand why my jet black coiffure is not so black anymore and I now know it isn't a myth. I now know that these occurrences send the feelings of anxiety and utter fear to travel until they make their home, nestle and become visual within our follicles!

So to tell you once again why I have rambled on about the loss of my joy is that in the last 2 years and now only 42 years of age I have found... THREE grey hairs! The HORROR and INJUSTICE of it all!!!!! 

First Grey Hair
Image by Roo Reynolds