29 Jan 2011

This weekend

This weekend is going to be Great! It is going to be 'my time'. This weekend I am alone. The whole place to myself to do what I want! This weekend is a step back in time for me to live as I did before. Party Time... Wonderful!! Being alone doesn't mean you're lonely, right?


NOT any more....
Why you ask? Or maybe I am asking? 

I am so lonely, so bored, did I say lonely? Yes... and bored!

I could be out mowing, I could be tidying the house, I could be listening to music as loud as I can before the police arrive and I could be getting absolutely blotto!

Drink today and drown all sorrow

Yet I am sitting here, so lost without my girls. What's happened? Where is my passion for being with just me? It's just that when sitting here and 'having a ball' I here
"Papa!!!!" So I go to investigate.. and nothing's there..... Except Maximus who is sleeping, dreaming, drooling and making horrendous noises.

I don't like being alone now. I used to absolutely Love it! It was my existence for so long. Now this weekend shows me it is that being alone, is just lonely....

I hear it again."Papa!! I'm hungry!"
"but you just ate a whole plate of pasta!"
"Yes, but I'm still hungry. My tummies not full, see?"

The voice I hear is the voice I miss so much. I don't want to be alone. I want to be annoyed every 5 minutes of every day.

Now why did I post this? Oh that's right, because I am Blotto!!!! Woohoo. Got to go! I hear sirens....


London strike. Truck under police protection (LOC)