22 Feb 2011

What is Father?

According to the all knowing, never wrong or really the lazy mans encyclopaedia.



'The father is often seen as an authority figure. A common observation among scholars is that the authority of the father and of the political leader are closely intertwined, that there is a symbolic identification between domestic authority and national political leadership. In this sense, links have been shown between the concepts of "patriarchal", "paternalistic", "cult of personality", "fascist", "totalitarian", "imperial".'

Where do I sit on the political fence?

'The fundamental common grounds between domestic and national authority, are the mechanisms of naming (exercise the authority in someone's name) and identification. In a patriarchal society, authority typically uses such rhetoric of fatherhood and family to implement their rule and advocate its legitimacy.'

What is my name?

In the Roman and aristocratic patriarchal family, "the husband and the father had a measure of political authority and served as intermediary between the household and the polity. In Western culture patriarchy and authority have been synonymous.

Back to politics!

According to the anthropologist Maurice Godelier, the parental role assumed by human males is a critical difference between human society and that of humans' closest biological relatives - chimpanzees and bonobos - who appear to be unaware of their "father" connection.

Cool! So I am human!

So what is my take on 'Father'?

Buggered if I know! That's why I read this crap!

So where do your loyalties lie?  Are you a monkey or an ape?