11 Mar 2011


Yes it is here! 3 years and 1 and half months into my questionnaires life, (may I say a little early) she has arrived to a pivotal moment. THE BIG.....

Amelie comes to me to say goodnight. I am sitting on the couch and she sits on my lap...

"Goodnight Papa."
"Oh, not too loud Mimi, my ear hurts."

"Why does your ear hurt?"
"I have an ear infection."
"Why do you have an infection?"
"Because I went for a swim in the ocean."
"Why did you go for a swim in the ocean?"
"Because I went to the beach."
"Why did you go to the beach?"
"You wanted to go to the beach."
"Why did I want to go to the beach?"
"Because you like the water."
"Why do I like the water?"
"Because you like to swim."
"I can't swim."
"I know, but I carry you in the water."
"Why do you carry me?"
"Because you can't swim."

"Ok Papa, Goodnight."
"Where are you going?"
"To bed."
"Why are you going to bed?"
"Cause I'm tired."
"Why are you tired?"
"Because it's night time."
"Why is it night time?"
"Cause it's black outside."
"Why is it black outside?"
"Cause it is!... Silly Papa!"

Ok then.....