22 Dec 2011


I cannot remember when I met my first friend. I have seen photos of me with the kids next door but still have no recollection of who they were.

"The making of friends, who are real friends, is the best token we have of a man's success in life." - Edward Everett Hale

In my daughters case at the age of nearly 4 she makes friends wherever she goes. Not just friends but there are also the best friends as well. You see, Amelie attends a few things during the week.  There is playgroup (7 friends made), story time at the library (6 friends there), and swimming lessons (2 friends out of 3). All this is wonderful because I now know that she is a very sociable creature. What is a little annoying is that my 'events coordinator' keeps inviting everyone over without asking first whether it is convenient for me.

Amelie tends to be the centre of attention as in this case in point: The last story time was missed in that, as the story is being read by the very friendly librarian, there was an entourage around my pop star asking her to sit next to them, some feeding her, others offering gifts, and because of this Amelie had her back to the storyteller missing out on most of the story. Being Miss Popularity can be a good thing and if she continues to be "the one" when starting school next year I am hoping that this does not turn out to be a bad thing. I think I have seen too many high-school movies.
My popularity contest winner does have a good heart as I have seen her take the time to spend it with a little 2-year-old whose 5th word after mama, papa, mouche and car is now, you guessed it, Amelie.

One thing I am trying to come to terms with is that her best friend at the moment who happens to be in all 3 activities is a BOY!!! AAARGGHHH!!!