2 Jul 2012

Plants vs Zombies

I was away for a while and returned to find the Zombies were still here... OH NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Something has got into those neurons that assist us Humans to go forth and conquer! Those parts that put us apart from the mere Zombies whose whole being is to walk around and eat and devour this Earth. Those that have no care and just feed... leaving the carcasses for the rest of us to pick up and try to discard. Those that just use... use....and use...  then expect the rest of civilisation to go and grab the pooper scooper. Oh once again I digress....

Plants vs Zombies?AAAAARGH

Can I say it has become an addiction for a certain plant-human? Should I even say who it is? I mean really, how could it have gotten this far? How could such a thing become such an obsession for one so intelligent?

An obsession can be described in many ways depending on what the obsession is... the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image or desire.... I suppose, says I.

The domination of one's thoughts? No I don't think so.... Just go  now as I have Zombies to kill!

Amelie: "Papa? Can I go back on?"
Papa: "NOOOOOOOOOO! I need to win!"
Amelie: "Papa, I already did that level."
Papa: "!#@$%!%^$#@$%... you could have told me 2 hours earlier!"
Amelie: "I did, you Zombie"

Plants vs Zombies? Not good for those over 40.

Good Night. Oh hang on, there is a little bugger trying to get through  oh, I'M ON IT!

Amelie: "Paaapaaaaaa! C'mon!"

Oh NOOOOOOOOOO! Going now.
They ate my brains in more ways than one

How could it become such an obsession? I mean really... Damn you Plants vs Zombies.

About Time!