1 Mar 2013

Long Time No See

Oh boy, oh boy! Well, what can I say?

Long Time No see?

It certainly has been a long time since I've touched the keyboard to attach a post to my forgotten little site. You see, I have been extremely busy doing absolutely, well nothing really. The truth is, I am one lazy writer and trying to put my thoughts or remembrances down have been put off until the following week. Unfortunately that week keeps eluding me getting further and further away, by then my week has morphed into a month. The little bugger of procrastination developed into more than a month and grew into months until I eventually caught the little man sitting on the couch watching The Hobbit and gave him a quick boot up the ass to get the DANSER out of him and with that subtle persuasive action I guess I had to start writing again.

So, here I am! Putting letters down to form words that have no real baring on the state of the world but rather just some happenings of a little girl who has a clueless father.

Hard At It!

I must admit a few things did happen in the months I had been hard at it. I shall be brief in getting you all (reader of 2) caught up in the world of Raising Amelie.

October 2012- December 2012: We were almost in a state of homelessness due to the owners of the abode we occupy wishing to sell. Within the 2 months we searched and searched for a new house to no avail, always missing out to others until as fortune would have it an investor bought the very home we live in and we could stay. Glad that was over!

Almost Our New Residence
Celebrating with an ice-cream, sounds good. Just try and get some in the mouth.

December 2012- January 2013: After unpacking boxes we had already packed for the imminent move, Christmas was upon us. Amelie pre-schooling has gone well and has made some special friends. Of course being in school means Parents need to attend certain events around this time of year especially. 

After which. The tree was decorated, gifts were ready to be ripped open, all was good in our small world. After the presents were ravaged, let's just say the household is now all Apple'd up with iPhones, iPads and a new Macbook Pro (Mine!). My little tech head wasn't left out as she received from yours truly an iPad Mini. She has a better handle of its workings than I do. Glad that was over!

Happy Happy
January- February 2013: After the excitement of Clauses' visit had died down the 25th of January arrived and that day happens to be my little Daughters Big Day. She turned 5 though she already seemed far older and wiser than that number might suggest. After the cake and the presents were ravaged my little computer nerd had an excuse to spend more time outdoors as now she had her own swing as well as a water feature.



February 2013- March 2013: Finally the time came for my little academic to attend school full time. Amelie is gone 5 days a week, 7 and a half hours a day. My days are simpler yet a little emptier. The good thing is that she is enjoying all that she is now learning and soon she will be able to give me lessons in all things intellectual. Can't wait!

How Do We Look?

So what can I say? Long Time No See? No I don't think so. What about Glad To Be Back? Yes, that's better methinks. And if the Danser strikes once more and I do lose my way again, I now have a special map to guide me back home to my "Precioussssss"