21 Dec 2009

the C word

Amelie is nearly 23 months old and has been talking for quite a while now.

This last week or so something has been cropping up in her sentence structure. For reasons unbeknown to my good self my little orator cannot stop herself from inserting, either at the beginning or at the end of her remarks, the C word.

Its like my potty mouth has a case of tourette's.

I try and ignore it, as paying any attention the (master child psychologists=those who have no children) say only encourages it more. What am I to do?

I guess I'll just have to endure countless nursery rhymes with the added colourful language thrown in.
Example: Mary had a little Caca it's Caca was white as Caca.............



Anonymous said...

Don't worry Alex, it does go away... and ignoring it (and subtle short talks about why not to say it) do work to curb or stop it.

One thing I had to do when my kids would constantly and obnoxiously say poop - was to create a penny jar (or toy jar), and each time they said it, they'd lose one penny from their piggy bank, or one toy from their collection - it would go in a bag that they would get one back for each day that passed that they didn't say poop out of appropriate context (but said so a kid could understand)... it'll pass - all things do. - Marci

Bongo said...


SJ said...

You know you laughed when she first said it! She saw it and she's got you. Prepare to be haunted by mini CACA's everywhere until she discovers a much better word.

Samuel mispronounced a few words in the beginning 'clap' was the one I will never forget. At his elder cousin's nativity play, halfway through the performance he stood up and shouted "Everybody crap".

Widow_Lady302 said...

A spoon full of sugar I am sure WOULD make the caca go down! I don't have children, so as far as any advice I could give...I'd probably end up encouraging because it is so funny...HAAHAH!

Mary said...

I would appreciate the word CACA. Sometimes, it can get much worse as they get older, and you will find yourself wishing for earlier times:)

Anonymous said...

This was to funny not to laugh but soon she'll move on to another word that will also keep you on your toes like "why"

Hang in there, caca head.. hehehehe

Hostel Tinktinkie, Santa Rosa de Calamuchita said...

Don't worry they all go through that stage. It will quickly pass and then she will learn another word again!

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