19 Jan 2010


Back from our trip interstate. Surprisingly the flight there and back went quite well.

Amelie enjoyed her visit to the grandparents very much. I ate myself silly to the point where I am now 7kg heavier. I'm glad I was still allowed to travel with the extra baggage I was carrying.

We especially enjoyed visiting my dear friends Martin and Michael who happen to live on a gorgeous little island just north of Sydney, Beautiful! Our time there was too short.

Amelie assisting Martin 

Tired my girl out when we took her to the zoo where she walked most of the day, but she enjoyed it immensely. Loved the elephants and monkeys.

Settled in now, glad to be back actually.

My girl surprised me on how well she adapts to different surroundings. Still, next time we go away we'll go somewhere a little closer. A 5 hour flight oh boy what a big country this is.


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