17 Mar 2010


Our Dog. His name is Maximus, Max, Puppy Dog or For God's Sake Get Out Of The Way!

He is the long suffering plaything of Amelie. Ears pulled, paws stomped on, back jumped on and tail pulled.

Amelie thinks he is more of a toy than a living creature. That could be because, most of the time he is just lying on the ground like a stuffed toy. We were concerned and still are wary of the reaction Maximus will have when he has had enough. But for now, he seems to be taking everything done to him like a real trooper.

Just today it was obviously time to teach Maximus, what rocks really taste like. As quick as a flash, my Speedy Gonzales had managed to place 5 smooth rocks into his mouth. He didn't even spit them out giving his face the appearance of a Puffer Fish.

Why he lets her do what she does is beyond me. As well as rocks in his mouth, my excavator has tried to put them in his ears, on his back and on top his head.

I used to separate my dog and my child for fear of Amelie getting hurt. Now it's a case of separating them for fear of Maximus being humiliated or even injured.

I hope he is around for a long time because, he is one creature in this house who lets my Angel get away with murder.


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