21 Apr 2010

The Terrible Age

I will be honest. I am not coping with this age.

Terrible two's they call it. Well ain't that the truth!
I've been slapped. I've been kicked. I've been yelled at. AND I've been head-butted!
I am certain now, my Kick-Boxing Gold Belt Champion will be fine in taking care of herself in later years.

So back to the problem......
I'm not coping with this age.

My eyesight is deteriorating... My muscles ache after a long walk... My bones crack every time I open the fridge.... Every time I lie down I pull a muscle in my neck!

What am I supposed to do?

Amelie! NO!   Not another round! to go.... If I can get up.



Anonymous said...

Have you thought about enrolling her in a martial arts class :)

I've heard them all the terrible 2's, the frightsome 3's, the fiery 4's it just keeps on going and going.

In reality it's just a phase and all kids have them at one time or another, they either are pushing the boundaries or trying to communicate and can't so it becomes frustration. It's how you chose to handle them that decides whether they get worse but from what I've read here I think you're doing a grand job :)

alejandro guzman said...

Hello Sarah-Jane, yes I have thought that when she's a little older Amelie will definitely be doing martial arts! Thank you for your comments


Awww, she's adorable with her fat cheeks! Well, as a fellow "Daddy's girl" I'm willing to bet that your Amelie has or will adopt some of your masculine energy. In other words, she'll probably be a tomboy and as far as being a fighter there's a good chance she won't be a pushover or dull (passive personality) either. As far as discipline goes, I don't have kids but learned a lot from helping raise my nieces, nephews and God children. Personally, I find that when all else fails The Nanny (show) is a good place to grab few desperate tips! LOL. She handles terrible-two-temper-tantrums with sensible yet effective approaches anyone can use on any kid. With that said, ditto @Sarah-Jane -- they grow out of it but only with proper discipline/guidance. Like every other red-blooded human kids will challenge your authority. The key is to KEEP THE UPPER HAND or else the child will spin out of control and that's the last thing you want. Yet, you seem like an awesome dad so you'll be okay! Oh, and one more thing. We all need a break sometimes...even parents so never feel guilty about that. The occasional weekend with the Grands is a mutually beneficial arrangement for all parties! Peace. =)

alejandro guzman said...

Thanks for dropping by Cheryl, and thanks for your insight and yes she has a strong personality and yes I still do have not so much the upper hand as the loud sound advice.

Cheers again your friend...

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