22 Jul 2010

Don't touch the keys!

Sitting on the couch is my Angel and me. On my lap is appropriately called a laptop.

We are surfing the net for 'Petit Ours Brun', a French cartoon for the little movie critic in the household.

We finally find a site where you can sing-a-long or download pictures to colour in, as well as watch a show.

Unfortunately my computer engineer thinks it is her job to start pressing as many keys on the computer as possible. I have to remind my diligent companion that Papa is in control of the functions.

Amelie with all the care in the world raises just one finger to touch only one key as that is surely not being a nuisance. I then explain again that I'm in charge and only I can touch the keys.

"So... don't touch the keys!"

It's not a second after I have said this, that I feel a little hand grasp one of my fingers and move it gently over to the computer keyboard. Thereupon using not her finger but mine to touch the keys.

I am dumbfounded again. What can I say?  GO and read a book....



SJ said...

You can't argue with her logic :D

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