21 Jul 2010

It's my choice

Seated today at the kitchen table is my good self and my partner for this luncheon, a connoisseur of the finer foods.

I'm having today an excellent vegetable stew from the night before menu and my sous chef has a choice of either pasta with spinach and herbs or a plain pasta. And, I mean plain!

My restaurateur goes for the, you guessed it! the plain pasta but decides it's appropriate to have lashings of shredded cheese positioned delicately on top as it is more appreciative to the palette to have a dairy product enter your mouth first.

It goes without question that having the two ingredients together just doesn't work as my food critic not happy with the presentation has decided to remove the penne from her dish and place them one by one outside of her plate onto the table, thereby just consuming the cheddar.

Myself, being very aware at everything going on at a lunch after almost all of the penne has been removed from her dish, politely and casually ask,

" Why are you doing that? "
My arbiter of taste replies, " Because, it is my choice !"

Now? How would you respond?

As, the logic presented to me from a two and a half year old did catch me by surprise...
I, just kept eating.

Bon Appetite !



Jessica M said... certainly have their own style about things...including eating!...hope she enjoyed her cheese! :)...I love reading your posts...important to have a sense of humor with kids :)

YogaSavy said...

She put you in your place! Now she is my kinda lady!!

alejandro guzman said...

Thank you Jessica, the cheese was delicious... straight from a packet! Humour is alive and well in our humble home.. Laughing does cure all!


alejandro guzman said...

Savira... She always does, I pity or I am jealous of the man that will Love her after me...


Hostel Tinktinkie, Santa Rosa de Calamuchita said...

You go girl! Always remember you have a choice!

alejandro guzman said...

Nelieta hello!!

You are so right! Strong mind and will


SJ said...

I love how her brain works x

Although I don't get how you say the pasta and cheese ingredients don't work.

Samuel loves that and I could always knock up a cheese or tomato sauce to go with the pasta, throw a few veggies in and we're good to go :)

alejandro guzman said...

SJ it wasn't the ingredients together in taste as she does love it. In this occasion it was that she just didn't want the pasta hehe I should of said didn't as opposed to doesn't, bad editing on Amelie's part!


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