1 Jul 2010

Not you, ME!

I guess this is normal for a child of 2 and a bit. The NOT YOU, ME! syndrome.

It's starts off nicely enough,

Amelie."Can I have music?"
Papa, "Sure, which song?"
Amelie, "The Stomp".

For those who don't know the song, it is a 50's track, a little dated now but my performing artist likes it. I put it on and we both start to dance.

Amelie, "No! Not you, Me!"

Oblivious I keep dancing, mistake No.1.

Amelie, now upset, yells it out as I'm surely losing my hearing, "NOT YOU ME!"

I acquiesce and stop my poor attempt at the boogie. My attention seeker then grabs a cushion where I am told to sit and look at her.

Shake it!

Amelie explains to me the terms of this arrangement. "Not you, me first then you, you sit and watch, I dance. You can dance to the next song, not this one. When this one finishes it's your turn."

I stand up and start dancing. Why, you may ask.
Well it has taken her that long to complain and explain the situation, her song has ended and the next one is now playing.

Yes it was mistake No.2.

Amelie, "NO! NOT YOU ME!"

I sit down.  My song never arrives.

Amelie, "After, you can dance. My turn, you sit..........."
This is only one, "not you, me!" moments, there are plenty of others concerning different situations.



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