7 Sep 2010

It's not my Birthday

I woke up to the sounds of the birds singing outside my window, the in-laws chatting with my wife, the kettle boiling, the dog licking himself and the pitter-patter of little feet coming to my room.

The door opens and in comes a small torso, all smiles and holding an envelope in her petite hands.

It's Sunday the 5th of September. 
It's My Day
My daughter hands me a card she has personally written upon 
which has then been translated for those who don't read 2 year old script. 

Along with this wonderful. almost true to life card I was handed a large assortment of chocolates which will no doubt be shared evenly amongst the 2 girls of the family. leaving me no recourse but to have some at 9 in the morning.

To accompany my sweet breakfast in bed I was given a rendition of...  
"Happy Birthday To You"

Even though I was touched, I had to interrupt and explain that it was not my birthday, but rather 'Fathers Day'. A day where Dad's get presents and cards and where Papas get to spend most of the day in their pyjamas doing, really well... not much at all. So it's pretty much like my Birthday but the only difference is, I don't get cake.

That seemed to satisfy my only child as she proceeded to sing again. 
This time it was...
"Happy Father's Day To You,  Happy Father's Day To You".

Right on the money! 

So now... Where are those chocolates?