4 Nov 2010

Days Off

Being a home dad does come with a few days off a week, where I can just do what I want. Most of that time is spent doing, well, nothing.

A few weeks ago on one of my days off my little girl, all dressed up as a fairy was taken to a fair. There she got to handle many things like play-doh, plasticine, paints and all sorts of other gooey substances to get her hands and creative juices flowing.

Today is another one of those days where I can just lounge around. On this day my better half has taken our daughter out to do some shopping and then to a playgroup where she can experiment again. What could've possibly have happened, that I receive a call about an hour after leaving.

Apparently there will be no playgroup today. Why you ask, as well you may?

My partner with our little helper had gone into an Asian grocers to get some products not found at the usual supermarket. Through plastic streamers they enter and now with basket in hand begin to browse. Browsing is not an attribute Amelie has as she starts to grab all sorts of exotic vegetables and products to put in the basket.

Grabbing a handful of potatoes Maman mentions to Amelie that we have plenty of those at home, where she is then brought to the attention that, and I quote, 'Oh, but they're healthy, they're very good for you'. Still they are removed and placed back on the shelf. Next, 'look! This is a nice colour'. The orange mango goes back. This happens for a while until our purveyor of fine foods mentions it would be good to have this. A bottle of apple juice are in her tiny arms, the bottle almost the size of her body.
My partner agrees that it's a good idea and adds this to the basket, but first she wants to find the price of this product and begins to search the bottle then the shelf.

From behind my accountants head she hears a voice, 'Maman, look at what I'm doing, look at what I made'. Standing straight and tall with a huge self satisfied grin is a child you rather not want to own up as your own. This unknown little person has her hands in the tofu display. Where, there was nicely cut squares neatly placed in their juices are now little mushy balls and other shapes making it resemble a pool of white clay.

A great source of nutrition and fun

First explaining that it is not play-doh but rather a food and scanning the area to see if anyone has noticed and realising by a miracle no one has, my now embarrassed partner grabs this child that shall not be named and continues to shop before heading to the counter with one bottle of apple juice, pays and escapes.

This is one of the reasons my sculptor shall not be attending playgroup because, why does she need to, as she's already done her assignment for today.

The second reason was that it's the wrong day...  tomorrow's playgroup day.

Thank goodness it was my day off and I can just sit back and laugh, knowing it wasn't I who had to experience this outing. >


Anonymous said...

Days off are meant to be enjoyed I'm glad you had a good one. Keep it up.

alejandro guzman said...

Thanks mate. Keep safe

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