3 Nov 2010


At 2 years and 9 months my daughter can talk and talk well. I'm realising she can understand more than what I previously presumed.

Is it that she has been brought up in a family who discuss a lot?

Is it because we speak 3 languages here (English, Spanish and French)?

Is it that we decided that it's best for Amelie to have the radio on all night whilst she sleeps?

Who knows? 
 All I know whatever we have done has produced a walking lexicon.

So we have decided t0 cipher any words that are not appropriate for the happy Dictaphone. Any words that are deemed too adult or absurd are spelt out, such as... "She shouldn't watch this because they are mentioning, "S...E...X,  over!"   Or for "F... U... C...K...'S   S...A...K...E  can you turn down that music it, "S...U...C...K...S!"

A Spy within our Ranks

Everything was going fine as Amelie was oblivious (I thought) to any difference in our speech patterns. It would be just gobbledygook. All is well in the Guzman Manor!

Little did I know, a little while later after sending our codes that it would be intercepted by the double agent within our very own  midst.  Little did I know what a confusion it would cause to our troops!

Driving on a sunny day to do some shopping with all the family in the car, there was a time in the conversation where we had to resort covertly to code. That went well, we thought.

A little while later I heard a voice that has still left us all confused and confounded, a voice that has kept us in the dark to the secret that was unfolding in our ranks.  The message came from the back of our transport vehicle and it was,  " Papa, I need a M...H...K...E...B..W...Q....S?

I'm still trying all the algorithms I know to decipher this code...  I've found Nothing, Nada, Rien!

I'm well and truly  S...T...U...F...F...E...D...!

Morse code spider
The gobbledygook is now with us!


Deanne said...

LOL...they are little sponges absorbing everything even the things we come up with thinking it will protect them. Oh I love them that small. I miss this time! Cute picture!

Big Smiles,

Anonymous said...

She'll be teaching you code before you know it :) This is a lovely post.

I had a similar problem when using msn, Samuel would come over and start reading my conversations. So I started transferring the first letter of the word to the end of the word.

ti indak ooksl ikel hist. (Translation - it kinda looks like this)

Well I was so chuffed with myself that I could finally have a private conversation but it lasted for all of 5 mins. No kidding! it took him 5 mins to work it out. Sucks to be me thinking I'm so clever @:)

alejandro guzman said...

Thanks guys for dropping by.

Deanne, you are so right this is a wonderful age.

Sarah-Jane, wow! you have a clever one there as it took me a little while to figure it out, hehe.

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