21 Nov 2010

The Nappies are History

It could have been longer, it could have been sooner but for us it was two years and six months and for the whole two years and six months we had to buy nappies. Buying nappies is expensive! Oh yes we tried reusable cloth ones but nope! So we went for the disposables, the ones with cartoon characters on the front, the ones which hold more, the ones we thought would do the job but before you could say pee the pee was flowing down her leg. Not to mention the twin pack, Day and Night ones. Which personally I just don't get... because if you pee you pee!

It was a real chore too. My little pooper would inform me she is going to do a number 2 and then with a nappy obviously on, find the nearest nook or cranny to start her movements. The thing was it went for ages as she had to inform me that, 'I have to do a mama caca, a papa caca, a baby caca and a Maximus caca and then any other caca that will bring about a conclusion! And that conclusion was?

ME! With plastic bag and a packet of wipes, it was me, the clean freak, who had the austere pleasure in cleaning the bottom and disposing of the nappies. Some of the problem with this task was that I tended to use an extraordinary amount of wipes to make sure that I'd completely removed any trace of anything. The problem with that was that wipes when used this liberally made the process more expensive. There were also times when removing the poo holder it somehow didn't hold, said poo! On occasions my chocolate factory produced marble sized pellets that would roll across the floor in all directions. Thank goodness on one such occasion Maximus (the dog) happened to be inside and very quickly ate all the evidence.

We've had friends around with kids younger than her wearing no nappies. We've gone to playgroups with children younger wearing no nappies. So what was going on?

Well...  I found out that it wasn't my decision when it was appropriate to discard the nappies for the toilet, it was hers. One day that decision was made,  one day the nappies were history! The extraordinary thing was, because it was her choice that it was the right time to rid herself of those cumbersome, rash producing, never ending wallet sucking pieces of paper and plastic, that I've found no puddles, no accidents and even dry nights!

I've realised, when my offspring is ready to do something she will do it. It may have taken longer than others but it's done...

Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

The thing is Amelie knew it was time. No pressure from anyone.
Thank goodness those days of physically handling toxic waste are gone. Thank goodness my Amelie has no need for nappies at all. And, thank goodness I have no marbles to find.

Nappies are History!



Deanne said...

I had to laugh when the dog came over a scooped up the evidence. That is too funny. When they are ready to give something up they will.

My daughter did the same thing only she was potty trained pretty early. She loved her little thrown. It was the binkie(pacifier) that gave us some trouble. I sat her down and said you know you are going to have to stop using that soon because it is going to cause trouble with your pretty teeth so when you are ready let mommy know and I will keep it safe for you.

A few weeks later she walked up and handed it to me and told me to keep it safe. I have to say she was an amazing baby and toddler. She never gave me any trouble and was so good.

She is 15 now and has her Real Care baby this week end so she is getting the taste of mommy life. She said she was up all night with a crying baby. Thank God she was at her dads last night. Tonight it is my

alejandro guzman said...

Yes we are lucky to have girls who know what they want. The amazing thing is she went from the nappies straight to the adults toilet. I'm concerned she might fall in though. LOL

Cheers Deanne

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