22 Dec 2010

What is Christmas to you? Revisited

It is three days till Christmas or more precisely, two and a half days, as we celebrate on Christmas Eve.

Once again I was fumbling around trying to find ways to amuse my young Elf. After playing with a rather antiquated puppet theatre I was scratching my head on what to do now. Amelie on the other hand had disappeared.

I searched the house and found my Santa busily wrapping presents! She had found some wrapping paper and the sticky tape which I had carelessly left hidden in my closet and thereby giving her the opportunity for Christmas to arrive early.

I say early because once the gifts had been wrapped, I was summoned to the lounge. I was then asked to be seated, which I did.

Photo Courtesy of Amelie

Photo Courtesy of Papa

My 'Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come' then went to the Christmas Tree and collected what she had wrapped and handed them out. One for Me. One for Her.

So for the next 45 minutes we opened, then wrapped then opened, then wrapped and so on... the same presents, every time having to guess what we had received! I got one of my trinkets I bought on a trip to the Salvador Dali museum in Paris four years prior and Amelie accepted graciously from herself a Lego toy horse she has been playing with for the past week.

A horse Yeah!

Salvador Dali Artwork Yeah!

Once again I have been surprised by the imagination of my excited,  giving and loving girl and the ability to feel the magic surrounding this time of year.

Thank you so much my Angel!

I know what Christmas is to me... Do you?

Enjoy this time no matter what you believe in.

Love and Peace to all.



YogaSavy said...

Kids do make christmas fun! Enjoy the moments with her.

Jim said...

Christmas is family, a time when hopefully they will be together for just that one time a year. And for those who believe it is a remembrance of Christ's birth.

alejandro guzman said...

@Savira They certainly do. And I gues it doesn't matter how old they are. Love..

@Jim I agree totally with your sentiments. At this point for us it's the magic. Cheers

Fernando Caro said...

bahumbug!!!!!!!!! LOL merry christmas my friend

SJ said...

She gets it 100%.

Christmas is going to be so amazing for you both this year and it can only get better x

alejandro guzman said...

@Fernando Grow some hair! Merry Christmas to you too

@SJ she certainly does and it will I hope.


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