27 Jan 2011

Task Master!

I've worked a variety of jobs in my life so far.

Helping my Father do his fourth job of the day as a Contract Cleaner and doing the obligatory Sales Assistant at the department store during high-school (why I was put in the underwear department is beyond me). I then spent 8 years as a Visual Merchandiser or for the layman I was a Window Dresser (yes, like in the movie Mannequin) I must say, in those times I received many an offer to go out, the problem was (not that there is anything wrong with that) they were mainly from men, go figure?

After which there was a small stint at a warehouse and then 10 years driving a bus through Sydney. Now I am a Father, by far the toughest job of all!

I'm telling you this as I have slaved *giggle* 2 years as a home dad and though I love it, we still need to pay those extra bills, like food, who would ever have thought? So I have decided to send Amelie out to earn her keep!

Yes you heard me. My free loader will be delivering those colourful magazines full of entertaining and informative articles (you guessed it, Junk mail). I of course, as a responsible guardian will be accompanying her so she gets to know the route and also will assist at times pushing the stroller.

Big pile of junk mail from Verizon

You see, I think it's never too early to teach that things don't come freely in this life and one must learn to fend for themselves. So every Tuesdays and Thursdays (after her Kindie) she will be learning this very valuable lesson!

Nothing is Free
OK maybe that!

Or as I suspect it will be my good self not only delivering all the papers whilst my Task Master sits back in the pram that I will be pushing, eating fruit and chocolate then wanting to stop at every playground on the way.  

How could she do this to me? Has my CEO no pity???

Laughing Star