25 Apr 2011

My Kryptonite

I am he!
Faster, thanks to a speeding Microwave!
More powerful than a hungry dog!
Able to leap dog poo to get to the ball in a single bound!

I cook in an instant 'cause microwaves are great, clean the house as fast as I can (well, it will get dirty again), wipe and flush at the moment she yells FINISHED!

Anytime of day or night, just screech and I am there! Who am I?

I am Super Alex aka Papa!

The problem is, I do have my Ultimate Physical Weakness, My Achilles' Heal, My Kryptonite...

Yes.   I do. 

You might think it harmless and quite talented. Yet, it is evil!
This abomination has infiltrated my home by way of what I thought to be a rather harmless Kiddy Fair.
It has now made my home, his.

Oh' the Humanity!

So what's up, what's the big deal, and what the hell has it got to do with Kryptonite, you may ask?

Well, being Super does not mean I am totally awesome and powerful (most of the time I am BTW),  It's just that I do have Physical Weaknesses.. such as Dust, Cats and now this thing! Achewww!

It is being used by my Lex Luthor as a weapon against me. She now knows what it can do to my Powers.   

Or is it using her?

What can I do to prevent this Evil from taking over Alexopolis?

It has now been named by my Nemesis as the Allergic Leopard.... ⬇ God help us all!!!!!!!

Don't be deceived by the smile.........