16 Apr 2011

Where's the sauce?


It is becoming rather disturbing.

It is the case of, What the? And Why?

For two days consecutively things have been appearing where most of us would consider it to be inappropriate.

But for a 3 year old it seems quite natural to pour tomato sauce on our rather lazy dog, Maximus. Yes, you heard me.... tomato sauce is now a collar around his neck. The smell must be driving him nuts! It might even wake him.

Ok. For my young Van Gogh that was not quite good enough or as much fun because today, lo and behold, She chopped one ear off!

Just kidding.

No, what it is, is that Maximus has a green leg! I thought he must have gangrene, oh no!

Thank goodness I didn't have to amputate as it was just green paint. Paint that was meant to be used for, I don't know, painting on paper maybe?

Our poor comatose K9 would be rather upset at this treatment if he could give a toss. He takes it as always as just another day with Amélie.

Now, who is going to bathe him?

And, where's my chilli sauce?

Capsicum frutescens cultivar