25 May 2011

Art and a Crafty Mess

I'll give you a heads up from the source of all knowledge, *Cough*, Wikipedia

'Some crafts have been practised for centuries, while others are modern inventions, or popularisations of crafts which were originally practised in a very small geographic area.'

Well, I must agree as it seems like an age that I've been at it and as my geographical area is basically a table in a living space it is certainly small!
1 down.
Things to Make a Mess With
Arts and crafts also refers to the Arts and Crafts Movement, a late 19th Century design reform and social movement. It stood for traditional craftsmanship using simple forms.'

Well, I have my movements. Depending on the chilli's consumed and if I'm feeling energetic. I'm also looking for a simplistic 19th Century feel that truly represents a romantic, folk style aura.
That's number 2.

'Its proponents were motivated by the ideals of William Morris and John Ruskin, who proposed that in pre-industrial societies, such as the European Middle Ages, people had achieved fulfilment through the creative process of handicrafts.'

We achieved our creative processes. I with my apprentice have fulfilled our European Middle Ages pre-industrial handicraft needs. So thanks Willy and Johnny. 
3 yes!

'This was held up in contrast to what was perceived to be the 
alienating effects of industrial labour.' 

Oh... Was it now?
Well, it seemed pretty much like industrial Labour to me, buddy! Everything laid out on a bench with me slaving to make something resembling... something... anything. My co-worker didn't seem to find the work all that difficult and actually seemed to be enjoying my curses, with bouts of crying in frustration.

I persevered nonetheless until my fingers would not detach themselves from each other. (hint: Don't go overboard with the glue). Or should I say when my now foreman decided to go ahead and start a new work of art on her own, leaving me with the disaster before me!

Something was created from the joining together of a toilet roll, paint, glue and paper! It is called Arts and Crafts! Or in my case, a right abstract mess! Don't laugh. You try it! Just be careful with the scissors... ok?

My Crafty Mess
At the end of the day, no matter how many scraps are on the floor or how sticky you are. No matter how many hues are on your hands and shirt. Doesn't matter if you can't remove a paddle pop stick from the table because of the amount of adhesive used. Really, it is all about quality time spent with your much more talented child. its about creativity (or lack of, in my case).

My now Senior Curator went ahead and produced something with more of minimalistic and elegant approach, more in line with the Arts and Craft Movement mentioned earlier.

Not Fair