12 Jun 2011

The Nose Knows

What is it with the nose?

Why, when something is said that is false; the nose has to be hidden from view?

A hand is placed to conceal the untruth or better yet, hide behind a pole, a pillow or even the dog. "I'm not dropping my food on the floor." "I'm not going to touch your phone." "I promise I won't do that ever, ever again!" "I did wash my hands." "I didn't hide Maximus' ball." Every time these words are said to me, I see half a face staring back at me.

I think, why is a hand or something else is being used to conceal the truth. When do we learn that what we are saying is not true? How do we know what a lie is? I'll tell you how!!

Bloody Pinocchio that's how! Oh yes another bloody Disney cartoon! A film about that cute little marionette who Geppetto lovingly made, who he wishes to be a real child.

Since my little wooden girl has been watching this animated movie she has been hiding her snout after a fib just in case it begins to grow, since Pinocchio is known for having a short nose that becomes longer when he is telling a lie.

Could it be my fault when Amelie says something that is giving herself away, I ask my impressionable girl,"Is your nose growing?" Should I say oops? I know that a psych nurse or a professional Parenting Guru would disagree with my words and tell me, "You terrible dad! How could you?" You know the ones? Those with all the wisdom but only have a puppet as a real child, e.g. those with no children of their own and wishing upon a star.

But hey. I do what I do with my limited knowledge of child rearing. And Pinocchio will always be to blame!

A side note: From Wikipedia the source of all, or maybe nothing. We have here....

The Pinocchio Paradox: There is a popular conception that Pinocchio's nose grows only when he lies. Under this condition, the Pinocchio Paradox is an analogy for the liar paradox, expressing the dilemma of what will happen if Pinocchio says, "My nose will grow now." If he is lying, his nose should grow, but if his nose grows, then he is actually telling the truth. On the other hand, if he is telling the truth and his nose starts growing, then it will violate the condition that his nose grows when he is lying.

I wonder if my Stringed Puppet would understand that?  I certainly don't!
Or do I? Is my nose growing?

The nose Knows