29 Jun 2011

The Force is Tangled

In the last week my movie critic has been enraptured, (was it because of the Rapture?). Of course not, what a whack-job!

Amelie has actually been entangled by a certain film. This film is actually what I used to call a cartoon. What? No, not anymore apparently. What do they call them now? Oh yes, let's go with a Computer Animated Fantasy Musical Film or Computer-Generated Imagery, CGI or what I like to call a 'Bloody Cartoon'. (That does not reference actual blood and gore for those who are not au fait with the Queens English)

Wilhelm (left) and Jacob Grimm (right) from an...
The Grimm's. Not the happiest looking blokes. Hence their Name.
It's like most Disney 'bloody cartoons' that are borrowed from old Fairy Tales, in this case from those Brothers Grimm. It has its usual on the wrong side of the tracks, loser, stealing male lead (Flynn) and the beautiful heroine character who can take care of her own if need be. They both break into song eventually... (of course) And most importantly the villain, yes, usually a woman and a mother figure (Gothel)

What was it with Disney or the Grimm Boys with their obsession with mothers who are portrayed as bad surrogates eventually coming to a nasty end? Or in Disney's case many 'bloody cartoons' with No Mothers at all. For instance Pinocchio, Aladdin, Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast to name a few.

Well, I digress as the real issue here is how many times is my engrossed fairy tale eating small person going to watch this Film De Animation or "bloody cartoon?' By my count it has been so far 21 times in a week and a bit. This does not include it was the first and only Movie my patron has seen at a cinema. C'mon!

Ok, there is a character in this 'filemme' whose name is Maximus and his characteristics are very similar to our own member of the family who goes by the same name. The only real difference is in the 'bloody cartoon' it is a horse not a lazy dog. Yet today I thought I had entered another dimension, a place that is my place but not really my place because my tangled mess of anoverly obsessive 3 yr old asked me something that will go down on my calendar to stay for a long time, possibly in a galaxy far, far away.

It went like this, "Papa, can I watch Star Wars with you?"

I know people... hold back the tears as I am trying to right now as I recall those words. Give me a moment.

Good That Is, Yes?
We both sat, I felt like this was a pivotal moment of my young Padawans training in knowing the Force and all that shall come from that knowledge. It was the time and it had to be done correctly.

So which movie out the six do you pick first?  Surely I don't have to tell you, as it has to start from the beginning which is obviously Episode IV: A New Hope.

Once we were seated in a mantra position I pressed play. It started! Can you hear it? The John Williams theme, the bang as STAR WARS comes on the screen and then the scrolling introduction to a New World?

Questions are being flung at me with every sentence, every scene shown. I respond with words of wisdom or is it because I have seen Star Wars a million times and know the truth?

30 minutes in, my young one gets off the couch and heads out of the room. No worries I think, she must be hungry or thirsty. A little time passes, I worry, so I go to investigate as to her whereabouts. In what I now call the Sith Lords play room, there was my apprentice.  I felt like Obi One. Thinking to myself, "This is the path to the Dark Side! WHY oh WHY?"

Lying on a lounge is my young Skywalker being hypnotised by those Lords of evil, (Disney and the Brothers Grimm) I can see her vacant eyes, totally lost in believing a 'bloody cartoon' is more important than knowing the Force!

Damn the Computer Generated Animated Fantasy Musical Film Adaptation of 
Rapunzel that is called Tangled! 
Damn You!

I still have hope that my teachings will bring her back to the
light side of the Force, until then let's sing along...