25 Jul 2011

Bow Down

I have come across a difficult issue these passed few days. I am not one to cow down (or is it cower down?) I am really not that fond of cows.

Any hoo, let's proceed shall we? My precious one, my offspring, my disillusioned girl has given a command...  That!

Whenever I or any other sycophant speaks to Her they first have to Bow or Curtsey. I am Sorry! But, there is no way in my Castle, will I bow down to anyone. Anybody even!

As I am King!

Where does My Princess get this from? Don't tell me, I will find out eventually. 'Cause I 'ain't Curtseying for no one! Or is it anybody?

BTW my knees are hurting. "What was that Me Lady? Be right there," sorry have to run.