26 Jul 2011

Holding Hands

What is it with hands? What is it all about when someones hand is in your own it's all good but when that someone happens to be your child it is different? Why is it when that little hand is clutching mine I turn to jelly? Why is it when my daughters palm is against mine I feel such Love, such Hope, such Despair, such Devotion, such Joy, such Security, such Insecurity, such Fear? Why do I silently cry when those fingers are intertwined with mine?

I feel so much Love and Joy at being the Protector, the Nurturer, the Father clasping that hand. I feel I can Influence, Guide and Teach by being a Library of Knowledge. The Library of Ancient Alexandria!

Then why do I feel so Scared or so Sad?

Is it because I have lived and gone through all the shit in life I have been through to be where I am now? Am I just too sensitive or am I just insecure? I don't know!

As all I see is a small hand holding mine and when I feel it grasping mine with such Love and security I just break.

Can someone tell me..... I just don't get it!

What is it about Holding Hands?

"I fear everyday with such Love or is it I Love everyday with such Fear?" Alejandro