8 Aug 2011

Enjoy The Silence

Playing games is essential for your child in learning how to interact with others. It teaches them that it's not all about winning but rather how you can have fun learning and playing. This is one of the lessons I am trying to teach my little John McEnroe.

I call my competitor that name because it seems winning is what it's all about! Well my friends I have served an Ace!

You see there is a Game that has been devised by "moi" (and probably by many parents) that I am quite thrilled about. I can honestly say that, in this particular Game my young contestant is encouraged to win every time and at any cost.

This Game was invented for the joy it brings. Really though it was inspired for the sole purpose that I may keep what little sanity I have left whilst in the process of driving miss Daisy in the rather beat up old jalopy.

Can you guess what this marvellous Game is? I won't keep you in suspense as I know you are screaming to know. Well my tortured chauffeurs of little ones or those who have to sit beside/ drive around people who have the inability of closing their windpipes...

The Game is called Silence! Yes I know, brilliantly original you say.

The rules are quite complex so pay attention! They are as follows...

1. The driver or the one being tortured with non stop garble, screaming or incomprehensible chatter announces that an exciting Game is about to commence.
2. You tell your unruly passenger/s that the person who can be Quiet the longest Wins!
3. Then my fellow transporters, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Silence is really only a Game Away. And my small muted one wins every time... go figure?

Enjoy The Silence