19 Sep 2011

Car Games

It's a car ride..  It is a long ride...  What do we do? Car Games of course.

There is a Dora the Explorer Card Game... yes!

In the backseat there is a box. The box contains cards, the cards have pictures and the rules, the rules are easy...  so I thought. It depends on who is reading the cards and really, what 3 year old can't read?

Most cards are OK as they are quite self explanatory. The cards are drawn from the pack.

The first to see a yellow car wins. (Side Note:  remarkable how many people like yellow)

The first to see a bird wins. (Side Note: I was looking for the wrong type of bird)

The first to see a stop sign wins.  (Side Note: I don't see stop signs as I feel they impede on the speed I want to achieve)

So far I am doing poorly but there is another card. A game within a game, I can't get wrong.

What animal am I? Make an animal noise and the other person has to guess what it is. Simple!

I'll go first...

Papa, "Moooo."
Amelie, "A cow."
Papa, "Good girl, your turn."
Amelie, "woof, oink, moo, neigh, baaaa"
Papa, "What? It has to be one animal, you can't do that."
Amelie, "It is one animal it is a Dogpigcowhorsesheep!"
Papa, "Alrighty then." A few seconds pass in silence, then, "Hey? Wasn't there a card of a stop sign?
Amelie, "Yes."
Papa, "Isn't there also a card in the box for us to spot a police car with flashing lights?"
Amelie, "Yes."
Me,  looking in the rear-view mirror, "Haha! I win!!"

Or did I?