9 Oct 2011

Sydney Tomorrow

How exciting!!!!
Tomorrow we are heading to Sydney to visit Amelie's Grandparents (my parents). It is a five-hour flight, so no need to say I am full of trepidation.

One.. I don't like airports.
Two.. As it is a late flight, I cannot sleep on planes.
Three.. Did I mention, Amelie is coming with us?

We can't take my mate Maximus with us and so he has had to be moved to a new residential area and has already been transported to the other house to stay there for the week. This is all good as I know he will be well looked after, yet I truly realise now how much a part of our family he is. Amelie has not stopped crying at the separation. I have been out the back a few times and with not seeing him there staring at me has really cut deep.... I actually miss him when not seeing his goofy look and affection. I know it is only a week and he will be back with us or we with him yet I am still sad.

My dog, my Maximus is part of the family. He truly is! We all love him! And I miss him already. A mans best friend? No! A families best friend forever! A brother to Amelie, a son to me... is my Maximus.

What will we do when he is truly gone forever??? I hazard to think!

oh BTW, we are going to Sydney Tomorrow... And in truth (just quietly)
I'll miss him the most... >


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