11 Oct 2011

We Made It... Sleepless

Well what do you know? We made it... or more to the point thank goodness, the Pilot didn't take the first left at Albuquerque, (thanks Bugs).
Let me say the measure of this land is vast and wide and over 4hrs on the plane and at 300km per hour I can believe it. Mind you being on an overnight flight, I nor for that matter anyone else got to see its vastness or beauty.
Not to worry though as I had the pleasure in selecting the best of the crap crop of the movie selection. Yes that's right "Zookeeper", oh what a joy to behold animals that can speak to us stupid humans. Thank you for the deliriously funny plot and humour, Kevin James. Or was it that I was delirious from the lack of sleep and watching with the only eye that could still focus?

Besides the antics and goings on of Griffin the Zookeeper (Kevin James) and Bernie the Gorilla (Nick Nolte) Amelie was on her best behaviour, still in her pyjamas as we had to wake her up after only 2 hours sleep at home. She didn't complain, whinge or cry but rather couldn't stop chattering.
Finally Amelie fell asleep on the flight thereby getting another 2 hours of needed rest but by doing so, I had the pleasure of being kicked a multitude of times in my tummy (yes I had to cross my legs, just in case) for the entirety of the trip. Needless to say I arrived in Sydney sleepless.
It didn't matter all in all, as We made it...  Picked up by my Papa I knew I could get some shut eye on the way to their place. Who was I kidding?
1. I had forgotten the amount of traffic and stopping and starting in Sydney.
2. I had forgotten how badly my Father drives.
3. I had forgotten how much Amelie could chatter.
So needless to say I arrived at my parents place sleepless. Yet We made it...
to be continued.......  after I get some sleep!