26 Dec 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas morning... 6:40am

 I wake by a tapping on my head, I open my eyes and there beside me is my baby girl. I say, "Good Morning, Merry Christmas."
"Merry Christmas Papa, do you know if Santa came?"
"No I don't, so let's go check." Amelie's response to that was, "Even if Santa didn't come I will still be happy." This coming from my 3 year old took me by surprise, I felt very proud and then I thought, "Cool! I can save money next year by getting nothing." You know I will but it was a thought... 

Christmas morning... 6:45am
Cookie crumbs and a half glass of milk by the tree, "Santa ate my cookies!!!
He should take a packed lunch." I wasn't happy. Still, all presents were well received by my young Elf.

Not So Fast!

Now Back to Making Sand Angels

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas 2011