23 Jan 2012

Lego. Stand Back

I had the joy and frustration yesterday in that I spent some time playing with my 'Architect' with those most famous of activity implements... Lego
Oh the joy in having your little one so enthused in creating something special from these blocks of plastic, oh the frustration when Papa tries to assemble the different parts she has created to make a whole construction.
Yes, frustration. Why? 
Well, through no fault of my 'labourer' I had what can only be described as "butter fingers" or the inability to realise that certain areas just may be overlapping a little too much thereby being somewhat heavy causing our structure to tip and collapse into a broken mess of tiny tiles. When this happened I was met by screams from my 'foreman' that I won't be getting paid anytime soon.  After explaining that this Lego may be inferior to others of the same ilk I was allowed to continue assisting. Needless to say also destroying what was turning into some behemoth of a design.

You see, I think the last time I touched Lego was when I was in my very early youth and I seem to recall I wasn't much good at it then either. Must be the quality of the pieces as it certainly can't be my lack of understanding in the laws of physics and construction.

Ahh Lego, Lego, Lego, I suggest you get a professional or stand back! Now... where can I hide the bloody thing? At least my head honcho was delighted with my efforts or was it the peanuts?