13 Apr 2012

A Single Entity

As you may or may not have noticed I have been away due to the dreaded Man-Flu and since being found clinically alive have still stayed clear of my 'Precious', (Other than Raising Amelie or the Ring that Binds us all... I just mean this Blog)

In that time of absenteeism I can say that I have been busy, in that I have been playing, I mean teaching a certain up and coming Tycoon, the intricacies of a certain board game. You may have guessed by the title of this post I suppose -or not- is about Monopoly.

‘The domination of a market by a single entity!’

After teaching my 4 year old the basic rules, we began. Straight off the bat my little entrepreneur started buying. That is all good, but every move I made I was already paying rent as I kept landing on the properties she had just purchased (mortgaged). Around and around we went. I did manage to buy a few estates but unfortunately they weren't in the best locale, so rentals were quite cheap. Yet I was still surviving the rat race.

It continued... And with every community chest I was giving out money whereas my events coordinator was receiving. A couple of times in jail didn't phase my fraudster as she had most of the properties and by the rules still gets paid the rent. A good 2 hours were spent by both of us trying to dominate the other 'of the fellowship.' What fun!

I was Decimated! I mean gave in. Oh let's play again then. After you go count it all.

Monopoly~ Dominated by a single entity?

Yes! As it should be! As that is what the game intended. As that is the fabric that rules our world. It's the dogma that keeps the strong stronger and makes the many weak and insignificant. It is all about making money and who cares who you make a pauper.

It is about a single person among the few (or many) to truly decimate those around us by procuring what others in our fellowship have struggled to own through hard work, sweat and tears. It is for a single entity to buy, buy out, make it impossible for your fellow to truly be financially free, pretty much like a government (Taxes) or a bank (mortgage, fees)...

I was very pleased and thankful that when I was down to my last dollar and couldn't pay my rent Amelie gave back, by helping out the more unfortunate (i.e.. Me.) and was happy doing so. You may be thinking...

“Oh well she wanted the game to continue," but I say, “She did feel bad and wanted to give, rather than take." Because as soon as she did give, it was time to finish the game.

A single entity doesn't mean a single person, it means ONE and that ONE is us all, together as a Species, as Humans and as a Family.

All in all my Rockefeller and I did have fun and were, as One. A Single Entity!!!