28 Apr 2012

Gone leaving the Zombies behind

I have gone to see my Parents in Sydney and having doing so have left something behind that is the whole of my being. I wonder what that could be?

I wonder what you could think it could be? That which is my wholeness within me pondering that there is something missing and that can be once again whole, considering, that I have gone.

If you didn't understand, no matter, as I lost myself there too.

Unless....? It was that wholeness that gave me the thought and feeling of ONE that is the cause of the emptiness of the whole within me?

But really that is neither here nor there. The reality is, I have gone to the other side of this vast country without my co-pilot.

In the short time I have been away, it has been hard on both of us. She has cried at my departure I have cried at departing. She has cried on Skype because she doesn't have me there helping her with Plants vs Zombies.

I have cried because I'm worried she may erase the level we are at on Plants vs Zombies. Ohh the tragedy of distance!

Seriously though, even if all above may seem fictional to you, it is not. I have just omitted the real whole that is in my heart. As I miss my Zombie Killer the moments I'm away.

I have Gone!
I miss my Mimi!