10 Jul 2012

A Vet

Amelie at 4 and a half knows what she wants to do. Yes! You may have guessed by the heading, if not, oh well you may need to take another IQ Test. Just saying...

Yes, Mimi wants to be a Vet! I have no idea why as she annoys our poor Maximus to the Max! Maybe that is the way? As you have to really punish an animal to appreciate what he really feels and understands. Yet I doubt it.

Well, to be a vet she will need after year 12... grades of 98.2. Yet for medical science a grade of 95.45.. what the? Also she needs to study and pass English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Ummmm do animals speak English? Or know Maths? Oh well she will need to work out the mass of the animal in proportion to the drug you pump or water you will wash them in, I suppose. Biology is a given (hopefully all sorts of animals), Chemistry, no clue there. And Physics woo hoo, good luck there ... my baby vet girl! I will be of no use.

But why a vet? Well she justs loves animals, yes she does. Take Maximus... Please... anyone?


Not only does her brain need to be switched on to be a vet, but the selection process also checks if she has full use of her hands and fingers, are able to stand for lengthy periods, have high observation skills and an eye for detail.

Other requirements are being interested in animals, their health and wellbeing, being a good organiser and being able to talk to people. And lastly....Five years study.

After 13 years of school... another 5 years? Oh bugger me....

Anyway she looks the part, methinks.
Go for it I say.


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