27 Jul 2012

Chicken Run

It seems we have certain additions to the family. Four more to be exact. In a week there will be no need to go and buy eggs as my little farmhand has purchased chickens.

Out of the four hens, two seem to have the same name now, can you guess what name that would be? I'll give you a hint, the names are spelt the same way as the aforementioned farmhand. Yes, two out of the four chickens are now called Amelie! I'm no expert but there is something confusing about that.

I'm not much of a farmer either, in any way, shape or form so I'll just leave the cleaning, feeding and the Raising Amelie's to others of the household. I'll just enjoy the fresh omelettes that will surely come to my plate.

On the other hand, Amelie is so excited to have these fowl that she just can't keep her hands off them, to the point that I don't see them having any chance to lay anything that doesn't resemble poo. Which, by the way is gross and another chore I will not be involved with in cleaning up.

What's her Name?

Another member of the family seems to be excited about having chickens and that one is Maximus but I'm guessing more as a ready made meal on the run . Oh yeah our Wily Coyote seems unable to venture far from the Amelie's who will supply my bounty. He seems to be licking his chops a bit more than usual.

Drats! Foiled again.

Yet they seem to be safe in their enclosure at night and unless Maximus comes up with some devilishly clever plan involving dynamite and a boulder I'm pretty certain they will be ok.

Mmmmmm I can smell the quiche now. When they will actually give me what I want is another question entirely.

Lay, You chickens, lay!"

She'll have to let them go first