25 Aug 2012

There's Something about Jim

It's been a long time since my last post and I have no reason except to say, I am one lazy blob of a man. But that's neither here nor there really, is it? So follow me as there's something about Jim I need to elaborate on.

In the past three or so weeks since acquiring Chickens which I posted about in the post, Chicken Run, one fowl seems to be the only one doing its job. I'm not complaining as an egg a day is better than none in my omelette. This giver of yolk seemed the most unlikely of the Brood to be supplying us with such bounty considering it was given the name 'Jim'. I thought he/ she would have been a little confused but no, the only one confused is me as I can't help calling Jim a he.

Jim the hen has managed to lay every day for the last two weeks but not in it's hen house which by the way, is a converted dog house of our illustrious, chickens beware, hunter of hunting dogs, Maximus. No, Jim has other ideas on where it should lay and that is under a bush below the bathroom window. I am still not complaining, as an egg in a bush is better than none in my pancake.

Or as in the photo below... in Amelie's hands.

There's something about Jim other than his, I mean her laying abilities and that is he, I mean she also has a unique personality. It will follow you around and talk to you when it wants something or just for a chat and seems to be always in your face.

Who's in Your Face?
As you can see in the background other than my Little Handler, is our predator Maximus' old abode which he doesn't miss in the slightest and to be honest prefers the finer things in life like couches or beds when no ones looking. Speaking of our killer dog, we've had nothing but trouble concerning him and Jim as both are now in cahoots in seeing who can dig the biggest hole in the quickest time or who can eat each others food first. You heard it right, Maximus and Jim are friends. What happened to the Order of the Wild?

What Can We Do Now?

I don't know what it is but there is certainly Something About Jim.

Waz Up!